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Friendship Bracelet Artists and Lovers

Join our team if you like friendship bracelets.

Friendship Bracelets Team

Any Etsy member who makes friendship bracelets can join this team! Support other members in treasury lists!

rainbow Friendship bracelets over the world

Here we can share bracelet tips and show bracelets

!!Charm Bracelets Rule!!

This Team is for Anyone that loves Bracelets with Charms!

Arm party bracelets

Do you like to pile up your wrist with some cute bracelets? We love it too!

Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss, a crochet monokini line. Like friendship bracelets... for big kids.

Crafty Divas

This is for crafty artisans who love to create beautiful and unique handcrafted items and want to help promote all team shops!