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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


We are a small treasury making team. Here to support each other in ETSY and everywhere!

The T Coterie

A team concentrated on curating beautiful lists

Team 28

Welcome to the team Twenty-Eight ! Fellowship of Friends

Team Wild Heart

The intention of this team is to increase members exposure on the Etsy front page through trading hearts on selected items.

Treasury Fix

We believe that treasury making is an art form. Join us if you believe the same.

Wedding Treasuries

This is a team for wedding shop owners/wedding planners, engaged couples and wedding enthusiasts to create treasuries with a wedding theme.


Welcome to the Positive5 Treasury Team! We are a group that loves creating front page worthy treasuries with our cute, colorful designs!


A team of creative artists and designers, that love doing what they do.


We are Front Page curators with a heart to reach out to and support those that are struggling to find a place on Etsy.

The Promotion Team

STEP 1. FOLLOW The Promotion Team­ePromotionTeam?ref=si_p STEP 2. APPLY to the team