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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

One Treasury Team

Unite as 'ONE'. We're about quality Front Page treasuries and having fun with our creativity. Passionate curators can apply.

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Where Etsy Teams and individuals come together to promote their treasuries and shops This team has no treasury making minimum requirements.

The Shop Guides

Join one of Etsy's largest teams toady and start networking with other buyers and sellers.


Thank you for visiting our team


The team contains several games, but the base is the 17 Boom challenge . We work hard to promote each other.


A Worldwide French Speaking Treasury Team. Un treasury team francophone !

Team 28

Welcome to the team Twenty-Eight ! Fellowship of Friends

Team EU

European Treasuries Team

Butte County Treasury Team

This local based treasury team is designed to help promote etsy sellers in your area, increase sales, activity and to get on the front page!


Welcome to the Positive5 Treasury Team! We are a group that loves creating front page worthy treasuries with our cute, colorful designs!