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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Creating with Color

An Etsy team for those who are creating with color & their items and photography show it!

Jewelry Fan Club

Do you Fan Handmade Jewelry? Welcome!!!

Just Good Treasuries

If you click, rest assured, it's GOOD.

the design

Team for pintrest, instagram, social media

Viewfinder Treasury Team (VTT)

The goal of our team is to create beautiful, lovely, amazing treasuries that promote our members & the other unique items on Etsy.

California Dreaming

We are a team for those who reside in California or those who just love California.

the list.

treasury team for twinkly goddamn cupcake fjls.


CHIC --- Collaborate, Handcraft, Imagine, Curate.

Handmade Treasury Team

This team consists of members who make treasuries that feature handmade pieces. Our goal is to make the front page!

OhLaLa Team

We focus on promoting our shops on a new Etsy front page (feed).