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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A team for sellers of awesome geek items. Items will be featured on my website.

Geek Gems

Geekery artisans, join this team to promote your items for a potential feature on GeekGems.com!

Michigan Geeks

Geeks of Michigan Unite!

French Geek

Une team pour tout les francophone amateur de culture geek

True Geeks

For those who are geeks and who make and sell geeky stuff. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Role Playing, Video Games, Steam Punk, Movies, etc.

Team Geek

A team for all the geeky etsy sellers.

Wire Geeks

A community for Wire Wrap Jewelers and Admirers of the craft

Geeks Unleashed

A collection of geek themed shops that are supported and promoted by the podcast crew of "Geeks Unleashed!"

Geeks + Gamers

This is for gamers and geeks to share interests!