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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Team Skaro

This is a group meant for Etsyians participating in the 2012 project headed by Pro-Portional Designs called "The Dalek Project"

Geeky Stitchers Unite

Come and lets make a band of geeky stitchers.


The Gloves are Off Etsy Team - a collection of works from the Glovesies

Nerdy Crafters UK

Crafters based in the UK who specialise in nerdy/geeky items

Insomniatic Dreamers

A team of artistic hipsters, hippies, gypsies, freaks, geeks, and otherwise usual people here on Etsy.

Rebels and Misfits

A place for geeky creatives who have felt a little out of place except for here on Etsy and with other like-minded awesome people.

The Geekery Print Shop

Purveyors of the finest UK Geek Print artists.

Oddmall Seattle

Oddmall is Seattle's most unusual art, craft, and culture festival!

Misfit Wedding Team

A resource for UK shops that sell items suitable for 'alternative' weddings

Nerd Alert

Networking, Promotion, SHOPPING, and Selling for the Nerds