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Sustainable Ethnic Textiles

Empowering Ethnic Women of Sapa through education, teaching design, marketing, creating independent makers, celebrating traditional textiles

Gift Guide



For anyone who sells items that are great for gifting, on any occasion!


A carefully curated group of some of the best Etsy stores.


Vintage Sellers Who Want To Succeed

Join Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide was a huge success! This year we'd like to get an early start and invite you to participate!

Calling All Etsy Shops: Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Invitation

Slow Road to Insanity and Naturally Frugalicious are taking part in our 2nd Holiday Gift Guide and we want YOU!

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Promote your 2015 Holiday Gift Items - Share your Creations!

Promote your shop on my blog website

I'd LOVE to promote your shop on my blog Reviews, Giveaways, Holiday Gift List and Shout Outs! Promote your Shop