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A carefully curated group of some of the best Etsy stores.

Join Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide was a huge success! This year we'd like to get an early start and invite you to participate!

Calling All Etsy Shops: Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Invitation

Slow Road to Insanity and Naturally Frugalicious are taking part in our 2nd Holiday Gift Guide and we want YOU!


100% handmade gifts and finds. All are welcome to apply. This team is dedicated to curating outstanding team page

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I'd LOVE to promote your shop on my blog Reviews, Giveaways, Holiday Gift List and Shout Outs! Promote your Shop

Promote your Shop on Lollipops and High Heels Blog

I would LOVE to promote your shop on my blog! Reviews, Giveaways, Holiday List Placement, and Shout Outs!

Made To Sell

Buyers Buyers look This way I have Something I Want To Sale Today,

Promotional Opportunities on RaisingDickandJane Blog

Are you looking to find creative and interactive ways to promote your brand or product?

Holiday Shopping Guide

This is a place for sellers and buyers to find anything they want/need for the holidays!!