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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

"Etsy Good News Team"

A place to come and share a piece of "Good News".

Jewelry and Gold News - Amazon Gold Ventures

Amazon Gold Ventureswill give you tips and latest fashion trends on fine jewelry that connects to you an unbeatable selection of bracelets

Crochet Lovers of Hampton Roads VA

This is a group of crochet crafters that reside in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia!

BlackHawk mines adventure

Black Hawk Adventures is the ideal place to go to whether you’re planning for a trail hike or just plain camping. We offer lots of informati

Social Karma

Keep up with social media news & learn non-spammy ways of promoting your shop & each other

Fundraiser for Ronald Poppo featuring etsy shops

Advertise your shop by participating in a good cause!

Jackery Carchel

A group of friends who want to share favorite listings, gift ideas, good finds, and general tips for Etsy shopping and selling.

Operation Christmas Child Packing Party

A team of sellers that offer products related to Operation Christmas Child packing parties!

American Girl Yarns & Threads

18" Doll Clothes & Accessory Designers & Crafters