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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


an indie craft fair based in London, UK and Vancouver, BC that supports all things handmade

Craft Bar Chicago Sellers

For Sellers That Participate In Craft Bar Chicago Events

Crafting IRL

For dedicated crafters, ingame and out!

Crafts for Charity

For Etsy creators who either want to or already are donating their goods of funds to those in need, and who want to make a difference.

Houston Craft Fairs, Shows & Festivals

A team for Houston area crafters to share insights on local craft fairs, shows &festivals!

Crafty Nerds Meeting Crafty Nerds

Love comics? Books? Comic books? Are you a disney buff? A history buff? A Buffy buff? Let's be friends and nerds (and nerd friends!)

Charm City Craftivists

Crafters from Baltimore, Maryland who combine crafting with social activism.

Show Off My Homemade Craft Shop

A place to show off your homemade craft shops and Craft Supply shops on ONLY!

Pennsylvania Young Crafters

A place for Pennsylvania teen/young adult crafters to share their items and post craft show locations!

O.C. California Etsy

Etsy Community in Orange County, CA