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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Creative Handmade Artisans

A collective of artists from around the globe that use a wide variety of mediums, seeking to promote and support each other.

Ms. Etsy

Mature sellers (of) Etsy is a conglomerate of sellers of mature items who are dedicated to the Mature Do's and Don't.

Old Time Etsy

We are the Old Time Etsy Team- sellers and buyers from all over the world who joined Etsy in the early years (2005-2008).


Graphic Designers of Etsy

Fashion Graphics at MICA

The Fashion Graphics class at MICA is using Etsy to bring their designs to the world of online selling.

Artisans of Houston

A local team with members throughout the greater Houston area. We have also had a local show for the last two years.

Photoshop Fanatics

A team for all those who love creating graphics and editing photos using Adobe Photoshop

Etsy Digital Designers Team

For sellers creating their own original, digital, graphic designs and illustrations.

Etsy Graphic Designers

We are a team of Etsy Graphic Designers.

Topanga Team

A group of artists located within (tele)commuting distance from Topanga CA