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hand stitched leather craft

hand stitched leather craft is a traditional and honorable job.It express the cherish and thank emotion furthest.

The Stitching Project

The Stitching Project is dedicated to fairly paid, quality handwork....

Hand Embroidery Network EtsyTeam

For all members of the Hand Embroidery Network who are on Etsy!

Hand Made Grocery Bags/Totes

Hand Made In America Custom Grocery Bags/Totes with recycled Fabric Scraps.

Etsy NeedleArts Team (EtsyNEAT)

We are a team of Etsy shop owners who create and sell a variety of hand needlework.


This is a team who tries to bring hand made specialty items to all who are interested.

Contemporary Embroidery

For those who have a passion for creating beautiful contemporary textile art!

Artsy Threads

Crocheters, knitters, and fiber artists in collaboration