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Etsy 506

This is The Costa Rica Street Team. We're a group of craft makers & artisans who live in Costa Rica.

Lake Norman Artisans

We are an Etsy team striving to bring creativity and community together in Moorseville, North Carolina.


Your Etsy Success. We're dedicated to helping each other succeed and grow. Building and managing a successful Etsy-based business.


Il Team degli italiani in Italia e all'estero, degli stranieri in Italia,di chi crea con materiali made in Italy.

Pretty Ugly & Disgustingly Cute Etsy Team

Dolls, Sculptures, Plushies, Pendants, Drawings , Cute, Ugly, Big Eyed, Surreal, Different, Odd, One-Of-A-Kind

European Street Team (EST)

A group of artists and crafters who sell on Etsy and live in Europe.


This is an active team of quilters dedicated to creating and selling quality handmade quilted items and to support one another in that goal.

Etsy For Autism

We are parents, caregivers, specialists, loved ones and folks affected by the Autism Spectrum, with a common goal: raising awareness of ASD.

Retro Handmade

Etsy sellers specialize in handmade vintage-inspired items that resemble things from the past or create things that have retro vibe.

Etsy Wedding Team (EWT)

Our goal is to promote Etsy shops that feature excellent quality wedding items for the perfect handmade wedding!