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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Jewelry

If you make, sell, or simply buy jewelry on Etsy you are welcome to the team!

etsy sterling silver jewelry artists

Sterling silver handmade jewelry designers and artists

All About Jewelry

A team that discuses how to make and properly sell handmade jewelry

Art from the Heart

Handmade art, crafts, jewelry

Promoting handmade jewelry come one and all

Any handmade jewelry personally made by you the shop owner is welcome. When joining you agree to help fellow shop owners in any way you can.

Anything Handmade

A group for anyone who wants to share their handmade items.

Unique handmade leather crafts, bags, wallets, jewelry

Unique handmade leather crafts, bags, wallets, jewelry

Handmade Promotion

A group made to help shops sell! We will accomplish this by adding viewing each others shops and adding items and shops to our favourites.