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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Baskets Gifts and things

This team exposes their work in creating baskets gifts, diaper cakes, sweet treats and any other custom gifts.

London Crafts

Promote crafts and handmade products in London!


Do you make bohemian, boho, or primitive earrings? Join our team and promote your creations!


Atelier 10. Italian Art, Handmade & Vintage

Bloggers & Sellers

The Team needs BLOGGERS :) PROMOTE YOUR ITEMS AND BLOG The sellers needs visibility, the bloggers needs items.

Toronto Craft Fairs

An opportunity for Etsy sellers who would like to supplement their Etsy shops with participation in craft fairs.

Aylesbury Vale and Chilterns

Welcoming Crafters in and around Buckinghamshire

Etsy shops of Southern Orange County

Etsy shop owners of Southern Orange County

Artists and Artisans

A team for all artists, artisans, and appreciators of art. If you are a seller who sells handmade goods, or an artist, this team is for you.