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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

(FMS) Favorite My Shop

Faving Fun, Hearts, Clicks & Views

❤Heart My Etsy❤

Get ❤Hearts❤ for your shop and listings.

Shop Favorites - Favorite Back

I will favorite (heart) back ALL shops that favorite my shop.

Heart Bloggers

Shops who want to appear on a blog.

Heart Of Georgia Etsy Team

A team of central GA Etsy artists and those who support them coming together to jointly promote our products.

Show Off My Homemade Craft Shop

A place to show off your homemade craft shops and Craft Supply shops on ONLY!


A team for sellers of awesome geek items. Items will be featured on my website.

Heart of Appalachia Street Team

Whether it's "apple-atcha" or "apple-aysha" to you, if you love the mountains, come on in!

Views And Favorites

SEO Ctrl key views (15 seconds = seen) Shop resources & success is primary. 1 item/day challenge. Easy promos. Active members promoted. Q&A.