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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

❤Heart My Etsy❤

Get ❤Hearts❤ for your shop and listings.

Heart Bloggers

Shops who want to appear on a blog.

(FMS) Favorite My Shop

Faving Fun, Hearts, Clicks & Views

Heart A Page Team

Just heart a page or more! A quick and easy way to promote other shops as well as yours!

LMT (Love My Treasury)

A basic team for promoting and loving shops and treasuries!

Heart Of Georgia Etsy Team

A team of central GA Etsy artists and those who support them coming together to jointly promote our products.

Heart of Appalachia Street Team

Whether it's "apple-atcha" or "apple-aysha" to you, if you love the mountains, come on in!

Shop Favorites - Favorite Back

I will favorite (heart) back ALL shops that favorite my shop.

Show Off My Homemade Craft Shop

A place to show off your homemade craft shops and Craft Supply shops on Etsy.com ONLY!

Superhero Keyblade Guild

Feel free to browse through my shop, submit ideas for messages on my jewelry add-ons, visit my site, or just chat.