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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


An etsy group for any hippies or hippys out there. Spread the good vibes man!

Handmade Hippie

Everyone living the hippie lifestyle and going handmade with everything they sell or make.

The Hippie Squad

For all the people who want to live a more natural chemical-free lifestyle. A place to share tips, and information!

Ethnic Hippies

This team is for everyone who likes using natural materials such as hemp,wood,crystals etc.

The Hippie Peaceniks

We are a community that believes in love, peace, compassion, and social/environmental responsibility.

Hippie Love

A group of friends lending a helping hand on social media, etsy, and life! Lets give promotion, advice, and etsy love to each other!

Modern Hippie

This awesome team is for anyone who desires to create or learn all natural ways of making everyday products.

Trippy Hippie Trading Post

burners, freaks, odd people, boho-hobos, & dirty hippies welcome!

Hippie Trade Team

Team for free spirited people to trade their art, meet new people, and have friendly conversations.