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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Holiday Lovers

A team for all things holiday related.

Holiday Addicts

Are you Addicted to making or collecting Holiday crafts and decorations. If so This is the team for you!

Handmade Holiday

For Everything handmade for the upcoming Holiday Season

Holiday Hooligans

This Team is for anyone.We are here to support and promote each other.

Holiday 3-6-5

Promote & share holiday listings & ideas throughout the year.

Holiday Decor & More

Holiday Décor & More is a team created for all holiday artists. Our goal is to build friendships, while supporting and promoting others.

Holiday Shopping Guide

This is a place for sellers and buyers to find anything they want/need for the holidays!!

Creating Holiday Traditions

This team is designed for anyone who loves holiday traditions and would love to share makes and wears.