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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Hoarders Anonymous (HA)

For vintage sellers with a sense of humor and hoarding tendencies.


Wit, Humor, Love, with a pinch of snarkiness.

Funny Ha Ha Treasury Team

Share the fun and the laughter through humorously themed treasuries!

The Disco Balls Team

Our Team welcomes anyone who has felt, at any point in their Etsy "career", like they are selling disco balls at Woodstock.

Creative Spirits

Members made up of people with creative spirits.

Treasure Me

Not Your Average treasury. Creating unique and meaningful treasuries including poems, humor, and beauty. Promoting your shop in new ways.

I Love Quotes!

A Team for all those who love to read and share quotes!

The 12 Days of Torres

An online event to raise awareness for The Open Door Mission in Rochester NY

Just Chat Team

Intelligence, Humor, Kindness and Tolerance is welcomed. Agree to disagree. Friendly Chat and voluntary Social Media Promotion.

United Blasphemers Union, Local 306

Don't believe in the supernatural? Good. Have no respect for the supernatural? Better. Have a sense of humor? Perfect.