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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Chicago & Illinois Craftspeople

Welcome to life in the WIndy City and the great State of Illinois!! This is a group for Illinois crafters that have an Etsy shop!

Artisans of Southern Illinois

Talented Artisans from Southern Illinois uniting to inspire , challenge, and promote one another.

Kendall County Illinois Etsians

Etsy artist / sellers from Kendall county IL

Elmhurst Team

Local Elmhurst artists on Etsy

Southern IL Artists and Craft sellers

To promote local artists wares and keep people interested in local shopping options. :)

Etsians of Plainfield IL

Hello! People of Etsy who also live in the far Southwest Suburbs!


Etsians living in Illinois or close by

Northern Illinois Etsians

This is for Northern Illinois sellers.

DeKalb Area Etsians

This is a team for Etsians in the DeKalb, IL area.