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How to improve your sales on Etsy

This team is a collective of jewelry designers handmade creatives supporting each other on how to improve sales on Etsy.

How to improve your photos

How to improve your photos for product listings on Etsy

how to improve my etsy shop

This team is meant to create a forum for the new shops or shops that haven't had many sales, and want to improve their shop.

Etsy Sales Success

Join our Team if you are looking to improve your shop sales, views, and online success.

Boost your Etsy Sales

This is where Etsy sellers, from absolute beginners to veterans, help each other to boost sales by improving every aspect of their shops.

Active Sales Increasing & Promoting. Be The Best

Elite Team For Increasing Shop Sales & Views to Reach the Top. Be the Best. Promote & Improve Your Shop.

Vintage Lingerie Sellers Sales Team

Joyful sellers of vintage lingerie dedicated to increasing sales through improved professionalism & creative marketing

Under 10 Sales DIY Shops

Own a DIY shop with 0 or under 10 sales? Let's brainstorm!

Help me Sell

For new Etsy users who just need a little extra love on their shop!

Etsy improvement

Is you shop new? Or just not getting views/sale like it use to? Come here and get some help