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Etsians in Need

Etsy shop owners who sell their goods to either help raise funds to donate to causes or to help raise funds for their own needs.

need help selling

inherited some items interested in selling

I Need A New...

You fill in the blank, whatever you are looking for, post on our threads! We'll hook you up with someone who can get you one!

I Need Giveaway Sponsors!

I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog and need sponsors, help!

Sister Artists in Need of Love!

For all new and upcoming artists who need a little love and support with spreading the word of their talent and creativity.

Photographers who need Marketing Boards

Photographers can get a Marketing Ad in exchange for letting us use the Ad in our shop. We'll credit your work as well!

BuildaBridge International Donations Desperately Needed

BuildaBridge International is a nonprofit that services homeless youth and victims of violence through the arts.

Do We Really Need This Crap

kreichman, schuler, Timko and assorted guests share their faves in jewlery, handbags etc.