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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Increase Sales

A team for new sellers or experienced Etsy members who want to increase sales

Increase your shops visibility

increase views, sales, ect by joining and promoting your items here. anyone can join and post any items they want!

Active Sales Increasing & Promoting. Be The Best

Elite Team For Increasing Shop Sales & Views to Reach the Top. Be the Best. Promote & Improve Your Shop.

Favorites for Sales

This team has been created for shop owners looking to increase sales volume.

Sales Success Team

This team is for all buyers and all sellers who want to help promote yourself by also promoting others.for incresing their sales

More views, More faves, More Sales!

Help me, help you! This team is meant to be for sellers to help sellers generate more views, more faves and eventually more sales!


Promotion and Networking for Sellers and Buyers!


Hello, welcome to PROMOTE YOUR STUFF! Promote your shop & shop items in this team! :) *PLEASE DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN DISCUSSIONS. Thanks! :)

Promotion and Sales

This team is all about help each, and be nice:)

Facebook - promote your page through your shop/sales area.

Generate likes based on your specific sales interest.