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Industrial Heat

This team is all about industrial and eclectic. Please make sure that the items you post have an industrial flair.

Industrial Evolution

Steampunk and Industrial Chic hand-crafted high quality wares from a select group of respected artisans all living in the Pacific Northwest.

Industrial Handmade Jewelry

Hardware, Urban and Industrial Jewelry

Team Industrial Chic

This team is for all those who appreciate vintage machines, industrial design and rusty goodness. Let's share our goods and have fun!

Washington State Vintage Lovers

Pacific Northwest vintage lovers who have ideas and items to share or sell.


Vintage Industrial Wood mold and Castings made in Steampunk art.


This team is for all Architects and Designers on Etsy :)

Metal Furniture

This is a Team for people who make, appreciate and just want to learn more about Metal Furniture and its benefits.

Gothic treasures and metaphysical magic

This is a team for anyone who thinks outside the box.

The Frontier Mall

A vast Emporium of Curiosities from the four corners of the known & unknown Universe brought to your fingertips!!!