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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Innovative jewellery designers in NL

to bring in contact jewellery and design accesories makers in The Netherlands


Members of the Maker Innovation (minno) team


Ideas, marketing and support for Denver, Colorado and Rocky Mountain based etsy business owners.

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High connects the entrepreneurial business community together using powerful resources of alliances, networking & marketing.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a world wide community-driven event that will be held July 2017.

Auburn Design

We are a group of industrial designers from Auburn University.

Outside the Box

Encouraging originality and freshness of ideas in art, thinking different, thinking outside the box

In The Making

Promoting and enjoying all art dedicated to creativity and innovation with think different Treasury making!

Innovators of Art and Design

Artists and designers redefining the notion of innovation in Silicon Valley

Handmade wood jewelry

The Handmade wood jewelry is participated for craftspeople and artist who works, mainly with wood, making jewelry and sculptures