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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Design Inspires

Design Inspires: Staying motivated with visual cues. Shops that create home decor items with a motivational message.

We Speak To Inspire

A positive, uplifting team where we can encourage each other through the written or spoken word.

Who loves Treasuries?... We love treasuries!

This is a team dedicated to people who love making treasuries.

My spouse supports me team

Do you have a wonderful spouse in your life that supports you and your craft?

Inspiration Nation

Inspire me, I'll inspire you.

Cur8 Arts and Crafts

Gather - Share - Inspire - Spread

Treasury Curators

Promote one another and create beautiful treasuries

I Love Quotes!

A Team for all those who love to read and share quotes!

Animal ART!

Etsy team for anyone on etsy looking to promote their work!