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The best advice someone once told me.."The saddest thing in life is a waste of talent."

Inspired Weddings

This group highlights idea/products/dresses/invitati­ons for weddings.

Unified & Inspired

Community Over Competition

Sew Inspired

A team of members of the Sewing Inspiration and Tutorials Facebook Group

Nature inspired

A team for Etsy members that sell art that is nature inspired!

Native American Inspired *

In this team you can share your Native American inspired work. :)

Creatively Inspired in FFC

For all the recycled, crafty, handmade, vintage & quirky designs of Freedom Fellowship Church ladies!

Asian Inspired Artists

For people who are inspired by Asia.

Native American Inspired Jewelry

This is a team for jewelry makers and buyers. I want to create a community where like-minded people can be brought together!