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Beautiful handmade treasures inspired by nature

Inspired by Nature

If your biggest inspiration to create and design is NATURE, like it is for me, please join my team: Inspired by Nature.

Inspired by natural warm colors

All the warm colors , just love them

Nature Inspiration

Hand crafted items inspired by nature


unique, original art inspired by nature

Inspired By California and Baja California

This team is where artisans can see where the next creative field trip is. Where we can step out of the studio and be inspired.

CRAFTS OF ENCHANTMENT Animals Nature Pets Gifts Native American Crafts

CRAFTS OF ENCHANTMENT TEAM welcomes all Etsy sellers and buyers of Animal Art, Nature, Pet items and Gifts show off your NEW creations here!

Wholesome Handmades

Anyone and everyone is welcome!! Geared towards organic designs and nature inspired pieces. Anywhere from gift wrap to clothes to jewelry!!

Organic Designs

For the nature-inspired designer

Sea of Love

Hand-made jewelry inspired by nature