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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Skill Collectors

For everyone who likes to explore more than one medium. Jack and Jills of all trades : )


Geeky Puertorricans with various geeky interests!

Illustrations (prints)

interests in : Art, photography, prints, illustrations, typography and graphics

Geeks + Gamers

This is for gamers and geeks to share interests!

Beaders Crafting Corner

A place for all who craft with beads or are interested in meeting fellow crafters with similar interests

Doll Fashion 101

Share your opinions on the latest in doll fashion. Meet people with the same interests as you.

Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets can target the interests of so many. Plus, they are so much fun to create!

Airbend the Pandorica

I've decided to make a team so it's easier to creep on all yall's etsy interests.

Corliss Home Security Expert

We concentrate mainly on delivering substantial advice on the home-security system industry with the interests of the end-users always as th

Cornish Artists

A Special Group for Arty people based in Cornwall, UK