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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Research! (Temporary)

We're conducting a small reasearch on and are looking for volonteers to participate!

Rh Negative Team

It is estimated that only 15% of the world population has Rh negative blood...if you do, then this team is for you!

ETSY Bologna

l'ETSY team per i bolognesi e dintorni. Per fare una chattata ma anche prendere un caffé di persona.

Treasure Games

Packed with fun-filled treasury games with the mindset of making the front-page, increasing our sales and building our presence.


Have your most recent products listed in the catalog at We pull listings from Etsy so it’s automatic.

Relevancy and SEO for All Etsy Shops

Google SEO and Etsy Relevancy for Everyone: Newbies and Experienced Shop Owners

Promotion Fanatics

For people that like to promote others while being promoted.

Social Media Promotions

This is a team dedicated to promote your Etsy shop outside and inside this site. Get external and Etsy views and hearts. Join now!