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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

cake jars

For people who love to eat and make cake jars.

Mason Jar Fanatics

For all lovers of Mason jars and their spinoffs.


This team is everything about candles. If you make candles as a hobby or business or just simply love to have candles lit in your home.


Whimsical Coleslaw in a Mason Jar on Barnwood

Jams and Jellies and Canning, Oh My!

A place for canning fans to share ideas and recipes.

Classy Southern Prep

Are you dang proud to be from the SOUTH? Do you love Lilly prints, mason jars, and monograms? Are these items in your shop? Then join!


A place for all things speakeasy

Kitsch & Anthrophorphic Vintage

A team for those who enjoy buying & selling kitsch &/or anthropomorphic vintage items!

Kitsch & Anthropomorphic Vintage

If you're a sucker for cute eyelashes, you've come to the right place!

Original Rebels

Rebels wanted and loved