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Follow Me Etsy Club

This team is open to all etsy sellers who want to get their shops noticed. This team is partnered with

Handmade Shops With Less Than 50 Sales!

This Team is for shops with less than 50 sales. Let's help each other out by promoting our treasuries and listings!

Window Shoppers

This team is for those of us who appreciate the shopping opportunities on etsy. This team is open to buyers and sellers.


Vintage Stylists are Etsy sellers that have a love for vintage & styling the world with one-of-a-kind fashion and curiosities.


A gathering place just for wire artists - to discuss our craft and support each other on our Etsy adventures!

San Francisco Bay Area Etsy Sellers & Buyers

This is a team that supports local buyers and sellers. Please feel free to join if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

CooCoo Couture Team

Dare to create your interpretation of popular, Etsy-search-saturated items!

Etsy Accessories Team

This is a place to find and promote Vintage & Handmade Accessories.

Dream Crafters

Creative and spirited individuals who like to dream big and enjoy life!


Where creative minds gather to promote one another and share their art thru love and laughter.