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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Pokemon Jewelry

A gathering of Pokemon Jewelry artists!

Jewelry, Handmade!

A jewelry maker's place to meet and show their work.

Jewelry Fun

I wanted a place to combine all of the most interesting ways to promote your shop(s) and a place to foster a sense of community.

Resin Crafters

Team for resin-based crafts

Recycled Crafts: Crafters & Lovers

Come here to meet and collaborate with others who make crafts, such as signs, jewelry, artwork, etc. out of recycled goods and old materials

Crochet jewelry

Unique crochet jewelry - Ideas, craft and more

Whatsername Jewelry

Promote your handmade items and beautiful treasuries on Whatsername Jewelry.

Promote Your Jewelry and Craft Creations

A place to promote your jewelry and craft creation. Open to ALL.


This is a place to share and PROMOTE you Original and one of a kind items. Anything that is an original piece of work. Not a print or copy.

Unique handmade leather crafts, bags, wallets, jewelry

Unique handmade leather crafts, bags, wallets, jewelry