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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Treasured Legends

Storyteller artists unite to share their tales and legends through beautifully curated treasuries.


Jenetsy - Where Everybody Shares Your Name! Show Your Jen Spirit!

Working As One

Looking for members that WANT to help each other by Promoting , participating in Treasuries, In Need of Help, BNS, & Having Fun !

3 Star BnS

A wonderful group of people that share, laugh, chat and just simply enjoy one another.

5 Star Friends

A 'chat' thread for Etsy friends.

Taoist Teahouse

Meditate in our virtual teahouse! A team for Taoists, students of Tao, Zen, Confucianism, Buddhism, or for the mindfully curious.

Etsy Buddies

For sellers who acknowledge that although the market is competitive, we do not need to be.

Etsy Stylist Team

A team of fellow Etsians who desire to promote one another through social media!

From Our Hearts To Your Hands

A treasury team consisting of items made by mothers.

Pirates Of Etsy

Join Us If Ye Dare, on a Treasury Huntin' Adventure! Beware, Pirates! Proper English may not apply...