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Recycling Wood

Recycling Wood - Learn, DIY, Promote

Recycling Paper

Recycling Paper and Cardboard - Learn, DIY, Promote

Recycling Plastic

Recycling Plastic - Learn, DIY, Promote

Recycling Metal

Recycling Metal - Learn, DIY, Promote


Promote your shop, learn, share, get trending.

The music makers

The music makers is a place to learn how to make ocarinas.

Artists Helping Artists

A group for artists to learn and grow from eachother!


Love Pinterest and Wanelo? Join this group to learn and explore the new social bookmarking site WishWall together with your Etsy community!

Fashion Graphics at MICA

The Fashion Graphics class at MICA is using Etsy to bring their designs to the world of online selling.

Crafting with friends

A team where you can make new friends, promote your shop+items, share ideas and give/receive advice.