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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Lonely Jewelers

We are a collection of jewelry artisans who have come together to in a positive and productive way.

Thread Eaters

Chronic Thread Destroyers . . . .Do your best!


Dying is for fools

Tutorial Titans

This team is for Etsy sellers who have tutorials for sale in their shops.

Falkirk Etsy Sellers (FES)

Etsy sellers based in Falkirk district

Clearly Crafty Community Team

Just like the spirit in which #CCC was set up up in 2012. Safe, positive, creative space for people to network x


Support group for Etsy shop owners in Bradford

Georgia Artisans

A place for all Georgia Artisans!

The Wallflowers

For all of those wonderful people who are wallflowers, as simple as that.

Collaborate London

This is team for London-based Etsy sellers wanting to meet and collaborate