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After looking around I was extremely surprised that there was not a LOST etsy team, so I decided to make one. This team is for anybody who

lost people team

A team for people who can't find their way around the teams sections and forget where they are.

Lost Wax Casting Jewelry

This team is for anyone that casts or has an interest in casting Jewelry using the Lost Wax/Cire Perdue or Precision Casting Method.

Team Lost and Found

Lovers of Rare and Unique Arts and Crafts and More. From Home made Jewelry to Roman Gladiators.. JOIN US and let's GROW TOGETHER.

New and lost

This tean is for new sellers that are trying to get their shops name out there and to get followers

Best Promotion Team

Lost of cross promotion and favorites games!

Supporting Artists Team

It is easy to get lost in a crowd. You won't get lost here!

Bereaved Mothers and Fathers

For parents who have children that died

Couchsurfing Etsy

This is a place for Etsy sellers & buyers from all over the world who have a http://www.couchsurfing.org/ account. Lets tracel and create!

I Hate Teams

The Forums Are Awesome As They Are, Dagnabit