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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Anything to do with Reborn Dolls, sharing tips on painting, hair rooting, selling, baby clothes

Gifts from Mother Nature

a team to share and enjoy some Nature Inspired Work.* Welcome *

Minnesota Vintage Collective

A group of MN residents who love to buy, sell, and/or collect vintage and antique items.

I <3 LEGO(tm)

This group is for AFOLs, TFOLs, KFOLs, family members of TFOLs and KFOLs and anyone else who loves LEGO.

Stone Cutters

The Stone Cutters team is a place for all people who love working with and talking about rocks and gems.

Promote Business on Couponing & Reviewing in Texas

We are dedicated to sharing coupons, new (or new to me) products and giveaways with friends and followers.

The Walking Dead Items

A place for sellers and buyers to come together and share items based on The Walking Dead.

19th Century Etsy

A team for anyone with a love for a 19th century aesthetic whose work reflects this!

Jenny Makes

Are you a Jenny? And you love to craft? Join your fellow Jennys here!

Super Kawaii Pop

-Team Super Kawaii Pop is for people with an interest in cute, intimate love, or superficial.