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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Low Price Supplies

Customer group discount and special offers to members

BARGAIN, CHEAP (low price) etsy stores!

This is where you find LOW PRICE etsy stores!

Jointle.com - Group Buying Club for Etsy

App for reducing costs of supplies and materials for your creations

Swarovski Beads

For who want to buy swarovski Beads in low price


How to build up large customers base

Original paintings $20 or under

original paintings under $20. Sorry no prints. Low price doesn't mean poor quality.

Affordable ecommerce website

your website or ecommerce at best price

YARN - Yarn Art with Respected Notoriety

Dedicated to giving all yarn and thread artists the respected reputation they deserve.

Buy from each other, from £1 - £5

A way to increase sales for those who are just starting out or only have a few sales.


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