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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Price it Up Paper

This is a team for all paper crafters who are unsure about how to price their paper products.

Makers Gonna Make

Makers from the Midwest! We just can't stop making!

Make It Yours

A team that gathers beaders, jewelry designers,suppliers to offer options to combine different designs and styles to make it your own.

Hand make my Wedding

A team to bring nearly weds and sellers specialising in handmade wedding items together.

Denver Etsy Shop Owners Meet UP

We are a group of Denver Etsy shop owners that meet once a month to network and get great ideas for our shops.

Little Rock Meet-up and Swap

For crafters and artisans who enjoy meeting new people, sharing ideas, and swapping supplies

Make It! The Handmade Revolution

Make It is like a mullet; craft show in the front, party in the back! www.makeitproductions.com Follow us on Twitter: @makeitshow

Let's Make Lots of Money

Anyone is welcome to join that wants to make money. I want all who join to help each other in any way you can.

Mineral Makeup Collaboration

The MMC is a place for mica loving mineral makeup creators, vegan and non vegan, to talk about their techniques, practices, and ideas.

Hook me up with Musicians, Bands, Music Players & Everyone who loves them

Connectie.ng musicians & bands with Etsy sellers; If you are in a band , or love music & following bands, this team is for you!