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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Drumming Up Business

The Drumming Up Business Team is a group of like minded individuals with serious interest in drumming up business and focusing on success.

Make It Yours

A team that gathers beaders, jewelry designers,suppliers to offer options to combine different designs and styles to make it your own.


Quality trending & social media team operating daily threads to drive traffic to our Etsy shops & online community profiles. Join us!

Keeping Up With The FDA

Getting 5-star customer reviews starts with good cosmetics making practices.

Jewelry Makers

Let's Inspire & build each other up

Mineral Makeup Collaboration

The MMC is a place for mica loving mineral makeup creators, vegan and non vegan, to talk about their techniques, practices, and ideas.

Candle Making by Candle Makers

Group about candle making by candle makers.

Make It! The Handmade Revolution

Make It is like a mullet; craft show in the front, party in the back! Follow us on Twitter: @makeitshow

Jewelry Making contest group

This is a group of jewelry makers that want to learn and expand and compete with other jewelry makers.

Makers Gonna Make

Makers from the Midwest! We just can't stop making!