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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Male Hookers

A special place for guys who crochet

Men of Etsy - MOE

A team comprised of male sellers on Etsy


A Gentleman's Guide


Fourthirty traching young males how to tie a Bowtie

Etsy Men

A team for male sellers on Etsy to Network and help each other


The Men of Belly Dance

Black Fe-MALE jEwELRY & aCCeSSory Designers for Etsy

A team that supports the networking, relationship building, and encouragement for African American designers on Etsy.

Aprons With Attitudes

Newly made Aprons with Attitudes..

Couture For Sure

Couture Original Designs in Fashion. Female Male and Doll Designs. Get your name out there!!

Handmade Men

The Official Handmade For Men Team!