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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Lovers of Manga

This is a group for people who love manga and anime!

Forever Anime

A team of people who love all things related to anime or cosplay.

Kawaii Cuteness Street Team

stores specializing in Ultra Cute & Adorable items


For artists influenced by the Superflat movement

Hikikomori Crafters

Feel like your turning into a Hikikomori Crafter? That's fine join the club! Come here to Promote, chat, and talk about your projects.

Bubbly Panda All Things Kawaii

A closely knit team that discusses kawaii and life. Share your style, opinions, and personality.

Shoujo Artists Unite

Together we shall make the world sparkly and full off stupid Shoujo logic~!! <3

Otaku Crafters

This is the team for any Otaku Etsy Stores and Sellers!

French Geek

Une team pour tout les francophone amateur de culture geek