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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Home (Made) Design Blog Submissions

Submit your shop for feature promotion on Home Made Design

First sales

This team has been created to help shops on etsy promote their products, and hopefully get their first sale! Contact me with any questions


ETSY TEAM is here to HELP you on your journey to SUCCESS. Join to get TIPS & TRICKS how to PROMOTE your SHOP!

Promo Swappers

A place for shop owners to collaborate and promote their shops through low cost/investment “Promo Swaps”.

Beginner SEO

Start to optimize your shop with helpful, specific advice tailored to your store.

All Handmade by ME

This team is for artists and craftsmen who truly comply with the original spirit of Etsy. Members have proven to be genuinely handmade.

Etsy and Blogs connections

The purpose of this team is to connect the creative bloggers to etsy shoppers and help each other.

Rustic Crafts Material Team

My goal in creating this team is to inspire, communicate, and share ideas with other Etsy.com shop owners.

Websites on WordPress

This team is for Etsy shop owners who want to learn about and find help in creating their own website on WordPress.org.

Arts Business Institute

We're Etsians ready to help you branch out into selling to shops. Some Biz Teams permit posting of work for sale- Please NOT here!