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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A place to find Vendor opportunities!

For Your Basket

An art + craft market kicking off August 27th in Idaho Falls. There's a special place in our heart for the gem state.

Crafty Fox Team

A supportive place for members of the Crafty Fox community to share advice and exchange ideas with a focus on market selling

My New Team

its for market place for all teams

Treasury Support

Who wants to get treasury support.. who become member on this team will be daily listed onother members treasury.

Crafty Business Barnsley

Helping to create a community and make Barnsley a better place to do business

Creative Grove

Creative Grove is a meeting place, market, art experiment and scene in the public space.

Etsy Local

Shop Etsy offline. Connect with buyers and sellers at local craft fairs and markets.

Northwest Houston craft shows

A wonderful place to network and find out about shows in these areas.