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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The 40/40 Club

for people who LIKE to LIKE things...ALOT!!!

Project Rough Diamond

If you enjoy finding that "diamond in the rough" kind of item while surfing Etsy, this is the Team for you!!!

Ultimate Etsy Shopping Bazaar

If you love vintage, handmade, colour, shopping, travel, food, sewing & craft, kids and a little time out for fun - you'll love it here!


Little Fish In The Etsy Sea

The Ghost of Beauty

What Happened to Beauty? To Class and Glamourous Fashions?... How did they die? Our Mission? TO BRING REAL BEAUTY BACK!

The Handmade Forum

Official 'Etsy Team' For The Handmade Forum. Fed up with promote & run Etsy teams? Are you serious about your business? Join us!


This is a team for people who would like to see Etsy return back to its original roots.

Garbo St.

Welcome to Garbo Street, an Etsy team committed to bringing fresh talent to the masses via treasuries!