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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Melt and Pour Soap Crafters!

Welcome, Melt and Pour method soap crafters, users and lovers!

Pediatric Cancer Research

Donating proceeds to Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Soapers Haven

All Soap Makers need a Haven to just relax, chat, and share.

Artisan Soapcrafters Guild

The Artisan Soapcrafters Guild is a group of small business owners that specialize in crafting quality artisan soap, bath, & body products.


RealSoap, the team dedicated to promoting real soapmakers.

Natural Candles & Tarts

For shops who create candles, tarts/melts made from non-petroleum sources: palm, soy, beeswax, etc. and who use essential oils to scent them


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S.S. Candle of The Month

Members receive FREEBIES & the Sweet Scentplicity shop's candle of the month at a special discounted price.

Etsy For Autism

We are parents, caregivers, specialists, loved ones and folks affected by the Autism Spectrum, with a common goal: raising awareness of ASD.