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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Flagstaff Etsy Merchants

A team for all those who live, work, go to school, and enjoy life in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Authentic Civil War Reproduction Merchants

Merchants of handmade Civil War era reproduction items or period supplies.

The Metaphysical Merchants Team on Etsy

This team is for shops with a strong metaphysical presence. Browse our members' shops for a virtual psychic faire! Tag: MetaphysicalTeam

Authentic Civil War Reproduction Merchants Public Forums

A public area for the members of the Authentic Civil War Reproduction Merchants team to promote their goods

Integrity on Etsy

This group of Etsy merchants pledges to work ethically, legally and with integrity in their marketplace and pledge to remain so.

SCAEtsy Team

This group is dedicated to both sellers who enjoy the historic side of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Etsy Plus Size

ETSY Merchants of Handmade and Vintage Plus Size Clothing

Old Souls of the New Age

a place for all new age & spiritual merchants & practitioners to meet & swap wisdom

Seamster's Union of Independent Tailor Shops

Connecting sartorial merchants together who specialize in creating custom-tailored bespoke garments on Etsy.

Team L.A.R.P.

A Team for merchants who sell items that every larper needs. This is the place to come to get us seen by our unique target demographic.