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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A team dedicated to the Sea Goddess. Any products and items with mermaid or sea themed should be here!

Mermaid Artists of Etsy

A team for mermaid artists!

Mermaids with Starfish Unite!

A group for people who sell Starfish items on Etsy!

Wedding Dresses

All about wedding dresses

Artists and Art By V.VanVelzen All Artists Buyers and Creators

Local Laguna Beach Artist, whimsy, Realsim, Fantasy, gothic,Mermaid, Fairy. Sea Scapes, collage, mixed media

Underwater Creatures

This team is about underwater creatures and beauties.


A team for all mermaids and mermen to express and share support on ocean themed items on Etsy. :)

Sand Sirens

Tucson, AZ-based art collective.

Trooping Faeries

We are a group (ie. trooping) whose art reflects and celebrates the fantastical realms of the imagination.