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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Christmas Corner

Christmas, anyone who LOVES Christmas

Christmas Gift Promotion Team

The largest Christmas Promotion Team this fall. Buyers or Sellers, its time for Christmas shopping!

The Wonky Town Cooperative

Back when just the Wonky Town Circus, Kurt was accompanied in merry escapades of creativity by a wonderful cull cleverly dubbed BriezySea.

Team Snapshot

For sellers, buyers, collectors, and lovers of found photos.

I brush my teeth in the shower.

An open team in which to share random bits of anything.

The Handmade Paper Flower Team

For everyone who loves paper flowers. Buyers and Sellers are welcome.

Promotion Explosion

Promote your Etsy goods to the whole world. Let's help each other get sales!

New England Wiccan Workers

A team for practitioners of magic in the New England area.

Pagan Vegan Artists and Suppliers

For Pagan Vegan Artists and Suppliers

North West Promotion

This team is open to buyers, collectors and artists. We hope to create a supportive community, bringing to light crafstmen and craftladies!