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contemporary jewellery

This is for all the contemporary jewellery designers out there!

Craftsters On Etsy

Members of craftster.org who have shops on Etsy! :)

Karen's Artwork Plus, Inc

Artists Selling Greeting Cards based on their own artwork, especially reproductions of watercolor paintings.

Book-Born Baubles

Two authors, making beautiful jewelry and accessories based on their books.

Design Inspires

Design Inspires: Staying motivated with visual cues. Shops that create home decor items with a motivational message.

Life Apparel

Life Apparel is about inspirational quotes..Recognizing the need to share positive messages to unite through Peace & Love

Blast Out Friday

Each member sends the same message, and spreads it over a social network, creating a hype/blast! The blast is sent out each Friday.

Superhero Keyblade Guild

Feel free to browse through my shop, submit ideas for messages on my jewelry add-ons, visit my site, or just chat.

Sofias Swappers

This is a team for members to swap and trade items. Open to all items & products message me to create a thread.