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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Metalsmiths Unite

Metalsmiths Unite

Aspiring Metalsmiths

Etsy's Premier Location for a Metal Education

Christian Metalsmiths

This team is for Christian Metalsmiths.

Hello Metalsmith

gold, silver, copper, steel etc maker / master / designer / Lover / Collection

Metalsmithing Fabricating Beading Team

To promote and support fellow jewelers who work in fabrication, silversmithing, gold-smithing, beads, wire wrapping, casting and metal clay.

Metalsmiths Unite on etsy

this team is closing down- no time to manage it well, sorry

North Coast Metal Arts Guild

A group of Metal Artists living and working on the north coast of California

Etsy Metal

Our goal is to promote metalwork on Etsy by directing traffic to team members' shops.

Metal Stamping Artisans

This is a team of serious metal artists who are here to promote the friendship and companionship of like-minded individuals.