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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Metaphysical Team

This group is for anyone wanting to promote their Metaphysical/Spiritual Products!

Metaphysical and Spiritual

Where all metaphysical and spiritual based sellers are welcome to come together and assist one another.

Metaphysical Universe Promomotion Team

This is a promo team for all items that are classified as metaphysical.

Gothic treasures and metaphysical magic

This is a team for anyone who thinks outside the box.

DFW & North Texas Metaphysical & Pagan Crafts

DFW/North Texas area Metaphysical & Pagan goods

The Metaphysical Merchants Team on Etsy

This team is for shops with a strong metaphysical presence. Browse our members' shops for a virtual psychic faire! Tag: MetaphysicalTeam

Witchcrafters of Etsy Support Group

If you are a Witch, Pagan, Wiccan or follow any other path and want support to sell your metaphysical crafts this group is for you!!


This is a group for those interested in Palmistry. For all Levels, from those just interested to the Professional Palmist. :)

Crystal Healing Properties

Learn how to work with crystal and their healing powers.

Team Philly

Philadelphia is a diverse city. Like any other city, people are activity seeking new products and goods that uniquely crafted.